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Bowties are back! . . .in fun and attractive colors with an adjustable neck band and clip closure that's easy to use.


  1.  Gold, olive green & cranberry cinched with a band of thin stripes in tan & light brown and lined in a light tan print
  2. Gold, black & burgundy twill with a highlight stripe of magenta with specs of navy and cinched with a band and lining in a light tan print
  3. Wide stripes in tan, white & warm navy cinched with a slate blue print and lined in navy with small dots in gold
  4. Navy with specs of magenta cinched with a band with blue & hot pink stripes and lined in red


Each bow tie is approx. 5" x 4"


The fabric for the bow ties was hand woven by our artisans. The ties were created by Ayisha M.

Bow Ties are Back!

SKU: HA 10506
  • Fiber Content

  • Care Instructions

    Spot cleaning as needed
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