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Interested in being a volunteer?


Since we opened the Weaving Center, volunteers have been an integral part of our artisans' experience, and our overall success.

Anyone can become a volunteer at the Weaving Center. Volunteers come to the Center from one day a month, to several times a week. Weaving and sewing skills are helpful but not required. Our volunteers believe in our mission statement and find real satisfaction in helping our blind and senior weavers produce their beautiful wares.


Volunteers wind warps, thread looms, troubleshoot during the weaving process, and assist the artisans in any way they can. Volunteers also do finishing work, sew, sell in our store, tidy up the studio, and help with fundraising.

Call us at 860-727-5727 to tell us more about how you'd like to help, and schedule a time to visit us and meet other volunteers.

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