Looms & Weaving Equipment for Sale

Buying your first loom? Investing in a larger loom? Not sure where to start?


Whether you are interested in floor looms, rigid heddle looms, fiber, or winding and warping equipment, we can help. 

We sell a variety of used looms, plus we are an authorized dealer for Schacht Spindle Company. Schacht manufacturers looms and weaving equipment that we have trusted for many years. 

Each purchase you make through the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center supports our artisan weaving program for the blind and those over 55. Thank you for helping us share our love of weaving with as many people as possible.

The Schacht-Spindle Company offers a series of American-made floor looms, rigid heddle looms, weaving accessories, and spinning equipment. Schacht does not sell directly to consumers, so we are happy to serve as your authorized Schacht dealer.


Explore the Schacht weaving product list, and email or call the Weaving Center to place an order. Schacht's full product list, including spinning equipment can be viewed on the web.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about different looms. 

new looms and accessories for sale

We also sell high-quality, used looms directly. If you are interested in any of the looms below, please email ha@weavingcenter.org.

used looms

  • 8 shaft Toika Liisa Countermarche Loom - 32" (80cm) weaving width - $1,400 

    • This is an early circa 1970s loom beautifully maintained and in use until a few months ago. It is currently set up as a 4 harness, but all the parts are available to increase to 8 harnesses.  It has the original linen aprons, the rachet and pawl system, and the original bench. The loom is in great condition with no wood damage

    • It comes with string heddles, a raddle, Joanne Hall's book "Tying Up the Countermarch Loom, and Vavstuga" Tie-Up kit for 8 shaft countermarch.

    • Parts, including more treadles, can be purchased at WEBS

    • Local pickup in Wilbraham, MA

floor looms for sale

Toika Loom
Toika Loom

  • Gilmore - 32" weaving width - $700 (plus tax)

    • 6 shafts, 12 Treadles

    • has the strength and weight to easily weave rugs and blankets as well as any fine threads

    • The handcrafted parts are of the finest woods

    • Gilmore Loom company is still in business and able to provide support 

    • Local pickup in Hartford

Gilmore loom

  • AVL Home Loom -48" weaving width - $1,000 (plus tax)

    • 8 shafts, 10 Treadles

    • Very good condition

    • The handcrafted parts are of the finest woods

    • AVL looms is still in business and able to provide support 

    • Manual available

    • Local pickup in Hartford

  • Tools of the Trade - 30" weaving width - $100 (plus tax)

    • 4 shafts, 6 Treadles

    • Fair condition

    • Local pickup in Hartford

Tools of the Trade loom

table loom for sale

  • LeClerc Dorothy Table loom - 15" width - $125 (plus tax)

    • 4 harness

    • collapsible for easy carrying and storage.

    • shafts are operated by the unique side levers of graduated lengths

    • Local pickup in Hartford


fiber for sale

We are an authorized dealer for several fiber producers. Contact us to learn more, ask questions, and place an order that fits the needs of your next project. Email ha@weavingcenter.org or call (860) 727-5727

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