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The community of the Weaving Center is made of many groups.
Together we realize the vision of the Weaving Center as a thriving, creative hub.
Come visit our studios, shop our hand-woven products or take a class with us!


Artisans:  Our unique Artisan Program teaches weaving to Hartford area residents who are visually impaired, blind, or over 55. This program is the heart of the Weaving Center. Artisans weave in our joyful, supportive environment and everything the artisans weave is sold at various outlets by the Center. The proceeds help pay Center expenses. The artisans receive a small payment based on the size, complexity, and quality of what they weave.

Volunteers:  Our volunteers prepare warps and dress looms for artisans, sew and finish products, create merchandise from hand-woven fabric and assist artisans. In addition, volunteers prepare mailings, work at off-site events, photograph our products, and help out with a wide variety of tasks. 

Students:  A variety of public classes and workshops are held year-round in Hartford and Manchester. Class fees vary depending on the length of class session and subject. 

Customers: High quality artisan-woven products are available for sale year round in our studio shop, in our online store, at our annual Open House and Sale in November, and at pop-up sales throughout the year.

Staff:  Our staff members keep the Center running. They work with the Artisans, find funding for the Center, design most of the work that our Artisans produce, teach, keep us supplied with beautiful fibers, discover new outlets for our merchandise, help people find their way to the Center, manage day-to-day operations, keep us in compliance with regulations, and contribute to the maintenance of a supportive community.

Board of Directors: Our 10 member Board of Directors provides governance support to our Executive Director. 

Our Founders: The Weaving Center was founded in 2009 by Fran Curran, Dorrie Hunt, and Claudia Spaulding along with the support of a small group of volunteers.

Our Staff:

Ann Kollegger: Executive Director
Sally Mullen: Studio Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Instructor
Tara Patrina: Studio Designer
Melissa Sullivan: Manager of Program Operations

Mary Roche: President of the Board of Directors

about us

Our Vision for the Future:
We will be widely-known as a bustling and thriving community hub.

Our Commitment

The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center is committed to being a welcoming, accessible community that actively works to create a kinder and more equitable world for everyone. Our diverse community unites people from different backgrounds and experiences to learn from each other and uncover their own unique skills. We challenge assumptions about disabilities and aging and show that everyone deserves an opportunity for creative expression. We recognize we have a responsibility not only to open our doors wider, but also to understand and work to change the racial and gender inequities that hurt us all. 

Board Approved  4/8/2021

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