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The Artisan Weaving Program

The Weaving Center values creativity and community in a positive, uplifting environment. Artisans weave beautiful fabrics, and are the core of  a vibrant, supportive program at the Weaving Center. Our studios are filled with conversations and laughter, and the rhythms of weaving. Some of our artisans have been weaving with us for 15 years, others have just started.


Our program does have some requirements:


The Artisan program is open to people who are legally blind, and/or 55+ years old. No experience with weaving is necessary. Additionally, you will need to regularly participate and communicate with a team of people in the design, development and production of fabric, be comfortable asking questions and receiving creative direction. Floor loom weaving requires manual dexterity, shoulder, elbow, and wrist movement, hip, knee, and foot movement. Weaving does involve repetitive motion; artisans are encouraged to take breaks as needed. Currently our artisan studios are only accessible by climbing a flight of stairs.

What is the process to become an artisan?


If you are interested in learning more about the program, please call us at 860-727-5727 to set up a tour of the Weaving Center. When you call, please tell us you are interested in the Artisan program. As part of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out an Interest Form. Please keep in mind that openings in the artisan program are limited. If you fill out the form, you should be interested in making a long-term commitment of at least a year to the program. 


When an opening becomes available in the Artisan program, we’ll call you to schedule another visit. You’ll have the opportunity to try out weaving on a floor loom. If you’re invited to join us, you’ll start by attending one day a week. This initial learning period can last up to 6 months. As you gain skills and begin to work more independently, you’ll be officially welcomed as an artisan. You’ll be provided a loom to use, all the materials needed for weaving, and ongoing one-on-one instruction. There is a membership fee of $5/month. As an Artisan, you will be encouraged and expected to attend frequently and consistently. Many artisans come 2 or 3 days every week, weaving between the hours of 10am-2pm. Not only will your weaving improve with more time at the loom, but you will build relationships and find yourself immersed in a creative, uplifting community. While the focus of your day is working at the loom, you’ll move about the studio and gain inspiration from projects on the looms, and from the other weavers around you. You may choose to have lunch with other artisans and volunteers, and to participate in additional activities within our community. Artisans who become part of our caring and vibrant program tend to stay for years. Please contact us if you’re interested!

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