Classes for Winter 2022

- Beginner Basket Weaving
- Virtual Summer/Winter Weave Along 

Nancy Cats ears basket.jpeg
Summer Winter Virtual.jpeg

Left to right: A Twill "Cat Ear" basket by Nancy Kalos,
Summer/Winter Handwoven fabric by Jill Staubitz

Virtual: 8 Shaft Summer and Winter "Weave Along"

8 Shaft Summer and Winter “Weave Along" A 3 Part Virtual Class

This class is designed for students who have woven Summer and Winter and are familiar with its unique two-tied threading, treadling, tie ups and weaving ‘Styles’. We’ll review the basics to ensure that everyone is comfortable and ready to weave. We’ll examine profile drafting and translate profiles into thread-by-thread Summer and Winter drafts. Participants will be encouraged to design their own Summer and Winter drafts using profile drafting. We’ll go even deeper into multi-shaft polychrome Summer and Winter and what can be woven with several colors and multiple shuttles. Prior to class, I will provide each participant with a weaving draft. Participants must be ready to weave in all three sessions.


Prerequisites: This class is designed for the highly motivated, independent weaver who has a fascination with Summer and Winter and is looking for guidance in understanding profile drafting in relation to this structure. It is ideal for weavers wishing to design their own Summer and Winter creations, as well as for weavers who seek interpreting profile drafts from Strickler and other sources. Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced level students. In addition to computer/Zoom access, students must have an available eight shaft loom, are able to read and understand a weaving draft, and have on-loom weaving experience in Summer and Winter.

Instructor: Jill Staubitz

Location: via Zoom

Fee: $230 including weaving drafts, payable by check or credit

Dates: Saturdays February 11, 18 and 25

Time: 10:00-1:30 each day

Beginner Basket Weaving

Beginner Basket Weaving: A Twilled "Cat Ear" Basket

The emphasis on this Shaker designed basket is shaping the "cat’s ears" at the basket’s bottom. A continuous 2/1 twill pattern is used (no starts and stops on each row!). The basket bottom measures 4 1/2 in. X 4 1/2 in. with a 9 in. diameter at the rim. Height is approximately 4 1/2 in.

Instructor: Nancy Kalos

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street Hartford

Fee: $75 including a $10 materials fee

Dates: Saturday March 4

Time: 9:30-2:00

Note: All weaving classes are held on our lower level classroom which is only accessible by stairs. 

Additional Registration Information as of July 2022


  • Please review our current COVID updates found on our home page. Everyone will need to follow our COVID protocols, which includes wearing masks and vaccinations.

  • Checks must be received 14 days before the class begins to secure your spot.

  • Tuition will be refunded only if the class is canceled by the Weaving Center, or if there is a waiting list and your spot can be filled. 

  • The Weaving Center reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Should we do so you will receive a full refund.

  • No-shows forfeit any refund.