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Beginner basket weaving

beginner basket April 2024.jpeg
Beginner Basket weaving 3-4.jpeg

Above: Sample of the basket design for the June 8 class.
Right: Students from our March 2023 class with their finished baskets (a different design).

Spring class registration is open!

Beginner Basket Weaving 

Learn basic basket weaving skills and create a round basket perfect to hold small items. The basket bottom will be pre-woven allowing students to focus on weaving the side and rim. Students will also choose from purple, navy blue, or green for the embellishment band. The opening at the top of the basket measures approximately 8 inches wide and the height of the basket ranges from 4 to 5 1/2 inches.

Beginner Basket Weaving with Nancy
Ages: 13 through Adult

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street Hartford

Fee: $75 by check or credit includes all supplies

Date: Saturday June 8, 2024 NEW DATE!

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

Additional Registration Information as of February 2024


  • Check payment is due within 2 weeks of your registration to secure your spot.

  • Students should be aware: Good manual dexterity is a necessity. Shoulder, elbow, and wrist movement are needed to wind a warp and dress a loom; floor loom weaving requires hip, knee, and foot movement. Weaving does involve repetitive motion; students may take breaks as needed. 

  • Our classrooms and studios are currently only accessible by a flight of stairs.

  • Refunds and Class Cancellations: 

    • The Weaving Center reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Should we do so, students will receive a full refund.

    • Registered Students: Please notify the Weaving Center as soon as possible if there is a need to cancel your registration.
      - If there is a waiting list and the spot can be filled, a 3% processing fee will be deducted from the total refund if you have paid by credit. If you have paid by check and the spot can be filled, you will receive a full refund.
      - If a spot cannot be filled, no refund will be offered.

  • No-shows forfeit any refund.

Please review our current COVID updates at

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