Weaving Workshops in Hartford

August 27-28-29, 2021 

Turned Beiderwand:
One Threading, Multiple Structures

Experience Recommended: Intermediate/Advanced

Join the talented Karen Donde during this three-day workshop. Learn Beiderwand basics and how to warp and tension a supplementary warp with or without a second warp beam, design turned Beiderwand, turn a draft and adapt the threading to weave several different structures. Each participant will weave a variety of samples on his/her own loom, as that is the fun of turning this draft. Several different drafts will be provided to offer a variety of designs for discussion. 


The workshop fee is $305, if you bring your own loom, and $330 if you use a loom provided by the Center. The price includes the materials fee.  If, because of Covid, the workshop is cancelled, full refunds will be provided.

 2021 Workshop

Weaving Overshot on an 8-Shaft Loom

**Please note: this lecture and workshop with Anita will be rescheduled to a later date. TBD**

Experience Recommended: Advanced Beginner and up


Independent Block Overshot on 8 shafts is a structure that allows the weaver to produce cloth with beautiful, clear patterns. Where the usual traditional 4-shaft overshot has halftones that soften the blocks of pattern, this structure allows control of the block and halftone placement. Manipulating the blocks and halftones in the tie-up results in clean lines and vast amounts of design possibilities within a single threading.

We will explore the use of profile drafts, and the process involved in converting 4-shaft designs into 8-shaft overshot drafts. You’ll learn theory, design, color, and proportion—all that’s required to develop your own overshot project. The first class will be in a lecture format. You will be given a warp with instructions to dress your own loom at home. In class 2 & 3 you’ll bring your dressed loom, weave round-robin style, and leave with a set of overshot samples.

Skill Level: advanced beginner on up: must be able to understand the basics of drafting.



All classes:

Laptop computer with drafting program strongly recommended

Pencil, eraser, notebook


Class 2 & 3:

Portable 8-shaft loom in good working condition


Your usual weaving supplies, including scissors, measuring tape,

shuttles, bobbins, (the number of shuttles and bobbins depends on the

warp you are given—minimum of 2, maximum of 5—you will be

notified individually), cloth separators for your loom (craft paper, paper

towel rolls or whatever you use when winding onto the cloth beam), 2

selvedge weights, lease sticks.

Warps will be provided at the lecture.  

The cost to attend the lecture AND the workshop is $300. 

The price includes the materials fee.

The cost to attend JUST the lecture is $25 


The workshop fee is non refundable, unless a replacement is found.

Anita has been weaving for over 18 years and earned her Master Weavers Certificate from Hill Institute in 2009. Her pieces have won many awards and have been featured in Handwoven magazine. Anita enjoys exploring many different weave structures, but Independent Block Overshot is her favorite. She lives in Goshen, MA, and enjoys traveling, playing bridge and spending time with her daughter, Megan. 

We host a variety of workshops throughout the year. These workshops are a fun way to explore specific fibers, structures, new materials, and other fiber arts.


If you have an idea for a workshop, email us at ha@weavingcenter.org.

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