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Summer 2023 Workshops

  • Cricket to Quartet:
    Transforming your rigid heddle loom into a multi-shaft loom

  • Floor Loom: Weaving in a Parallel Universe

  • Tapestry: Beyond the Grid

  • Needle Felting: The Felted Landscape

    additional workshops coming soon!

2023 Summer WorkshopsRegistration will open April 24 at 9am

Diane Solstice snowpath--high resolution.jpg
Quartet photo 1.jpg

Left to right:  Parallel weaving by Linda Hartshorn, Tapestry by Brenda Osborn, Felted Landscape by Diane Cadrain,
Cricket to Quartet by Sally Mullen

Fiber Weaving Workshops


Cricket to Quartet: Transforming your rigid heddle loom into a multi-shaft loom,
A 3 day Workshop with Sally Mullen

Join Sally for this 3-day workshop on how to install, dress and weave on your new Quartet loom!
Topics to be covered include:

  • Installing the (pre-assembled) Quartet onto your own Cricket loom

  • Winding a warp on the Warping Board, and on Warping Pegs

  • Dress your Quartet: Front-to-Back, and Back-to-Front methods

  • Threading the Loom

  • Reading Weaving Drafts

  • Weaving a Summer Scarf in Twills

Additional equipment will be available for purchase and/or available to order, during the workshop.

About the Instructor: Sally has been weaving for over 30 years. She spent 20 creative years working with Randall Darwall as a production weaver, and has been involved with the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center since its inception in 1995. Sally teaches floor loom and rigid heddle classes for the Weaving Center in Hartford, CT.

Prerequisites: Must have completed a Beginner Rigid Heddle class, and must provide your own Cricket loom (available for sale by the Weaving Center)

Instructor: Sally Mullen

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street, Hartford

Fee: $775 which includes the purchase of the 4-shaft Schacht Quartet loom with a 10% student discount, assembly of the Quartet loom, the 3-day workshop, and project materials.

Dates: July 14, 15, 16

Time: 10:00-3:00 (includes a break for lunch)

Floor Loom: Weaving in a Parallel Universe: A 3 day Workshop with Linda Hartshorn

Explore a parallel universe of possibilities in weaving! Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave a variety of structures including echo weave twills and jin (polychrome turned taquete). Create vibrant colorways, echoes and iridescence by using four warp colors. You'll weave samples with a variety of treadlings and weft colors. We will study drafts, network drafting, and learn how to create a parallel threading. Add the power of parallel threadings to your weaving repertoire.

About the Instructor: Linda is a weaver and dyer, known for her unique dyework and lively use of color in her handwoven textiles. Linda weaves and dyes in her home on the redwood coast of northern California, and teaches weaving at the Ink People Center for the Arts in Eureka.  Linda enjoys leading workshops and brings her positive, fun and supportive teaching style to events all over the country.  She is a two time recipient of the Victor Thomas Jacoby Award for spinners, weavers and dyers.

Prerequisites: For the intermediate to advanced level floor loom weaver

Instructor: Linda Hartshorn

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street, Hartford

Fee: Fee and details coming soon!

Dates: August 25, 26, 27

Time: 9:30-4:30 (includes a break for lunch)

Tapestry: Beyond the Grid, A 3 day Workshop with Brenda Osborn

We will examine ideas for going beyond the grid of the warp and weft, creating 3-dimensional effects. These techniques include: pulled warps, couching a thick weft to float on the surface of the tapestry, as well as cut and turned warps. Plan to bring your own loom, warped and ready to weave at the sett of your choice, with weft yarns appropriate to the warp sett. The workshop is limited to 8 students.

About the Instructor: Brenda devoted herself to tapestry weaving in 2000, when she began to study with Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei. Brenda's work has been shown at HGA's juried show, New England Weavers Seminar juried show, and one of American Tapestry Alliance's Biennial exhibitions.  Along with Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei, Brenda has studied with Mary Zicafoose, Joan Baxter, Soosoonam Barg, and Fiona Hutchinson.  Brenda spent over 12 years studying with Archie Brennan, and worked with him to produce his autobiography/memoir.

Prerequisites: ​This workshop is for tapestry weavers who understand basic tapestry techniques: those who have completed the 8-week tapestry session at the Weaving Center, or those who are familiar with warping a tapestry loom, hitching weft on and off, working in opposing sheds and shape making techniques.

Instructor: Brenda Osborn

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street, Hartford
Fee: $285 payable by check or credit

Dates: July 27, 28, 29

Time: 9:30-4:00 (includes a break for lunch)

Needle Felting Workshop

The Felted Landscape: A 1 day Workshop with Diane Cadrain

Using a photograph as reference, students will use the softest of materials, wool roving, as if they were paint, along with a special barbed needle to create a felted landscape on a backing of raw silk. Students may bring their own landscape photographs (recommended size 8" x 10"), or use one provided.

About the Instructor:  Diane is an award-winning fiber artist based in Connecticut. She says this about her inspiration, "the natural world inspires my work by offering constantly-refreshed images of arresting loveliness.  Tolstoy said, 'Love all creation…love every leaf'”  In that spirit, I attempt to create images that combine fragility with strength and the evanescent with the eternal.  My work includes machine piecing and quilting, felting, hand embroidery, and knitting."

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Diane Cadrain

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street, Hartford
Fee: $110 includes all materials, payable by check or credit

Date: Saturday June 24

Time: 10:00-4:00 (includes a break for lunch)


Registration opens April 24
Registration opens April 24
Registration opens April 24
Registration opens April 24

Additional Registration Information as of March 15, 2023


  • Please review our current COVID updates at

  • Checks must be received 14 days before the class begins to secure your spot.

  • Refunds and Class Cancellations: 

    • The Weaving Center reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Should we do so, students will receive a full refund.

    • Registered Students: Please notify the Weaving Center as soon as possible if there is a need to cancel your registration. 
      - If there is a waiting list and the spot can be filled, a 3% processing fee will be deducted from the total refund.
      - If a spot cannot be filled, no refund will be offered.

    • No-shows forfeit any refund.

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