2022 Summer and Winter Virtual Workshop: A 6 Week Course with Jill Staubitz

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Have you ever wanted to dig deep into understanding Summer and Winter? If so, this virtual workshop is for you. We will start at the beginning by understanding the tie ups, threading and treadling for Summer and Winter. O’s Fashion, X’s Fashion, Singles and Dukagang – we will discuss what these variations are and how to utilize them. We’ll move into understanding polychrome Summer and Winter, as well as exploring profile drafting for this unique structure. There may even be time for some variations into taquete and turning your Summer and Winter draft. Interactive participation is encouraged. Please feel comfortable asking questions throughout the sessions. You will also have the option to explore weaving some of what we discuss on your own loom in between classes, and perhaps share your results with us. Drafts will be provided to get you started! Our focus will be using 4 shaft and 8 shaft looms. Weekly pdf materials will be provided.

Prerequisites: Must have experience weaving with at least four shafts. Must be comfortable in reading and understanding a draft. (Weaving software is a plus, but not required.) For the Advanced Beginner and up.

Instructor: Jill S.

Location: Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Fee: $225 (includes weekly PDF materials and drafts) - $230 if paying by credit

Dates: Thursdays February 10, 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17

Time: 6-8:30pm, EST

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