Welcome to the Hartford Artisans Weaving CenteR

Visit our online store to shop a selection of our hand-woven products!

Note: The Weaving Center is currently closed to the public. Curbside pick up is available for orders.

Have a question? Please email us at ha@weavingcenter.org

The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center is a supportive and creative community that preserves, promotes, and teaches the craft of hand-weaving.

We teach classes for all ages, curate exhibits and sales, and run a unique artisan program. The artisan program teaches weaving to people who are blind, visually-impaired, and anyone 55 and older.

Contribute today to Hartford Artisans Weaving Center through the
Birdies for Charity program! We receive an additional 15% of each dollar we raise, thanks to Webster Bank's support of the Bonus Bucks Pool. 

We enrich lives through hand-weaving.

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Hartford Artisans Weaving Center

42 Woodland Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 727-5727   | HA@weavingcenter.org

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center is a 501(c)3 organization

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