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A rural landscape inspired the design of this bucolic scene of red barns with an off-white fence in the foreground. Intricate color blending of multiple strands of wool gives this rug a rich depth of hues, a key feature of this rug. A pale grey border depicts the road at the bottom followed by a wide foreground in blended greens from grass green and gold to deep mustard and a muted fern green. Behind the barns, a field of wheat in straw color is visible. And the horizon beyond changes from pale blue graduating to deeper and darker blues, ultimately to navy. The weave surface is densely woven wool on a strong, completely hidden linen warp. This rug is reversible with the other side in reverse blocks of color across the barn and fence areas. This is a feature of the Summer & Winter weave structure. The natural color linen edge is handed-finished in a Philippine tie style with the ends braided and knotted. 


62" x 35"


This rug was hand woven by one of our artisans, Garrett. To learn more about Garrett and what he move about the weaving center, click here.

Rural Landscape Rug

SKU: HA 7116
  • Care Instructions

    Gentle vacuum & professionally clean; alternatively, lay out in snow, shake off snow and let dry 

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