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Thick, warm alpaca/wool rug woven in a heathered brown block design with highlights of blue, green, gold, tan, red, rust and grey. The weave surface is densely woven alpaca/wool on a strong, completely hidden linen warp. This rug is reversible with the other side in reverse blocks of color across the weft, a feature of the Summer & Winter weave structure. The natural color linen edge is handed-finished in a Philippine tie style with the ends braided and knotted.   


Rug measures approximately 2' 6" x 3' 6"



This rug was hand woven by one of our artisans, Bob. To learn more about Bob and what he loves about the Weaving Center, click here




Heathered Alpaca/Wool Block Design Rug

SKU: HA 8648
  • Care Instructions

    Gentle vacuum & professionally clean; alternatively, lay out in snow, shake off snow and let dry