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Summer and Winter "Weave Along" A 3 Part Virtual Class
Perfect for students who have a loom at home and would like a "deeper dive" into a structure within a virtual class setting. Over the three weeks of discussion and on-loom time, we will focus on Four Shaft Summer and Winter as a two-tied unit weave and Summer and Winter’s ‘styles or fashions’. We’ll examine the threading units, tie ups and treadling sequences of this unique structure, discussing profile drafts and block weaves, and S/W’s role as a block weave AND a unit weave. Prior to class, each participant will be sent a Four Shaft Summer and Winter draft to dress their loom. Once in class, students will have weaving breaks to take the leap from discussion to hands-on weaving furthering their understanding. Students will be encouraged to share their results, warts and all, with their fellow weavers. We will expand into polychrome on four shafts as well, all with the same warp!
*Prerequisites: This is a virtual class for Intermediate or Advanced level students. In addition to computer/Zoom access, students must have access during class to a four shaft loom, be familiar with reading and understanding a weaving draft, have on-loom weaving experience and must be comfortable with dressing their own loom.
Instructor: Jill Staubitz
Location: via Zoom
Fee: $225 including weaving drafts, payable by check or credit
*Payment must be received 2 weeks prior to the start of class to secure your spot.
Dates: Saturdays October 1, 8 and and 15
Time: 10:00-1:30 each day

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