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2023 WAITLIST - Rigid Heddle: Log Cabin Table Runner

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Continuing Rigid Heddle:

Log Cabin Table Runner


Create this stunning log cabin table runner on your rigid heddle loom!

In this 4-hour class we will learn all about Log Cabin structure and its design possibilities on the rigid heddle loom. In addition, we’ll review hemstitching, learn how to correct errors in our weaving, and discuss wet finishing instructions. Students will design their project, warp their looms, hemstitch the ends and begin weaving their runners. The remainder of the weaving and completion of your runner will take place on your own at home.

Prerequisites: For students who have taken an introductory course, and are capable of warping their own rigid heddle loom.

Location: Hartford Artisans Weaving Center,
42 Woodland Street Hartford

Fee: $90 by check or credit

Dates: Saturday February 25 with Sally

Time: 10:00am-1:00pm

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