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Introduction to Summer/Winter

"Weave Along" Virtual Class

Introduction to Summer/Winter: "Weave Along" A 3 Part Virtual Class

Perfect for students who have a loom at home and would like a "deep dive" into this unique structure within a virtual class setting. Over the course of three sessions, we will focus on Four Shaft Summer and Winter as a two-tied unit weave with its unique ‘styles or fashions’. We’ll examine the threading units, tie ups and treadling sequences of this popular structure, explore profile drafts, and discuss S/W’s role as a block weave AND a unit weave. Prior to class, each participant will be sent a four shaft Summer and Winter draft to dress their loom. Once in class, students will have weaving breaks to enhance their understanding through hands-on weaving. Students will be encouraged to share their results, warts and all, with their fellow weavers. 

Prerequisites: This is a virtual class for ‘Beyond Beginner to Intermediate’ level students. In addition to computer/Zoom access, students must have access to a four shaft loom during class, be familiar with reading and understanding a weaving draft, be comfortable with dressing their own loom, and have on-loom weaving experience. 


Note: An Advanced Summer and Winter “Weave Along” Three-Session Class will be offered later this winter, focusing on eight shafts, with further emphasis on profile drafting and designing Summer and Winter cloth.

Instructor: Jill Staubitz

Location: via Zoom

Fee: $225 including weaving drafts, payable by check or credit

Dates: Saturdays October 1, 8 and and 15

Time: 10:00-1:30 each day

Additional Registration Information as of July 2022


  • Please review our current COVID updates found on our home page. Everyone will need to follow our COVID protocols, which includes wearing masks and vaccinations.

  • Checks must be received 14 days before the class begins to secure your spot.

  • Tuition will be refunded only if the class is canceled by the Weaving Center, or if there is a waiting list and your spot can be filled. 

  • The Weaving Center reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Should we do so you will receive a full refund.

  • No-shows forfeit any refund.